I am Bea
I am the dancing spider, following the thread I weave
I am maker, elegant lady of lichen
I am teller of tales, I scream the truth with gentleness and beauty
I am the voice of tiny creatures, singer of swansongs
I am a fountain of feminine force
I am artisan of life
I am the Queen of Me
I am Bea


I am a different artist and woman to the one you knew.
Alex was the one who ran a successful metalwork studio in London for 15 years. I have become Bea.

As some of you know, RSI in my arms sparked a severance from my old life in January 2014, and the beginning of an underworld journey into what it means to be creative, what it means to find yourself ‘hand-less’ as a professional maker, and the search for artistic and personal identity. It has been a journey to soul and a life changing metamorphosis.

I spent a year on the Call of the Wild Leadership Programme, 6 months in Nepal and India, and 6 months living out of my car travelling in Devon and Cornwall. I am currently studying with Martin Shaw at the School of Myth….Along the way I have rediscovered the magic of wildness, listening to nature and of storytelling – of making objects rich with beauty and meaning, and of creating rituals and ceremony under a bright moon. I have discovered a gift for reconnecting people to nature and to themselves through making processes – using their hands to listen to their soul.