A Nest Egg

This summer i harvested grass from the field in front of my house. Hay fever going crazing, sneezing as I gathered armfuls of sweet, green grass.

I have created, coiled and sewn a nest for my last piece of silverware to rest in. A hidden treasure, a house to keep it safe. A true nest egg. The new embraces the old – holds it safely. My hands bringing these worlds together through making.

bowl 2


bowl 3

Fire on the beach

Three fires on the beach

fire on the beach

Creative Challenge Day 20 – Spider weaves a web

I realise I have reached the natural end of my daily Creative Challenge.

The task is complete – of pulling together the threads of the past 3 years since I left London, and looking at the back catalogue of all the making projects and things I’ve made during this time. It’s been a great reminder that in amongst all the unknown and letting go of the last few years, there has also been a strong creative thread carrying me through and the weaving of a web.



Creative Challenge Day 19 – Shell Hat

Shell Hat

Rockpools and crustaceans. India, Feb 2015



Creative Challenge Day 18 – Wolf Book

100 hours to create 22 handmade books for Call of the Wild

A collection of poems, creative writing and illustrations from the 2015 participants. Made from recycled paper, hand bound and stitched. Finished Spring 2016


IMG_3657 2





Creative Challenge Day 17 – Music Night

My first mic’d up singing and guitar performance on Sunday!

A big thank you to Ruthie Voiceworker and Jonny Gee for encouraging me on stage at their London music night. Terrifying and brilliant in equal measure xx


Creative Challenge Day 16 – Teddy Bear Blanket

Hand crocheted blanket made for Anna and Toms beautiful son Teddy. Can’t wait to see you for a cuddle in London next week xxxx

16 teddy

Creative Challenge Day 15 – Becoming Birds

Day 15 – Wow, what a week!

A magical, creative camp – making nests, becoming birds, singing, storytelling, banquets and foraging.

Truly bizarre to emerge from our bubble into this horrifying EU storm.









Creative Challenge Day 14 – The Fantastical Foraging Fest starts tomorrow!!!!


I am the lead facilitator on a 5 day Creativity, Foraging and Storytelling camp. We will be building nests, becoming birds, weaving stories and singing, chirruping and warbling all week.


We have ONE MORE PLACE left, as someone has had to drop out. Give me a shout if you’d like to join the rumpus……www.changeinnature.org

Creative Challenge Day 13 – Bea’s Shed

Every woman should have a creative den…..its been hard work, up on the roof hammering nails, glazing windows and hanging doors. Corrrrr she’s a beauty – think i’ll live out all summer

Christened her with a G&T party and some songs around the fire pit


shed 2

shed 3